Today we've rolled out our new shiny webhook service to a limited audience. This new service aims to utilize Discord webooks to post subscription notifications to channels. One of the more persistently requested features has been allowing server owners to set up the bot's notifications in a public channel.

Currently, only the following event subscriptions are supported:

Command Bonus Activity
Dark v. Light Alignment
Weekly Events

We've opt'd to roll this out exclusively to the official /r/SWTOR Discord for our phase one tests. Contact me privately, if you wish to be included in the testing.

While the aim of this testing phase is Discord webhooks, our new service is fully capable of reaching all sort of hook services. We will look for future integrations into IFTTT, and possibly more as time progresses.

Event Alerts!

Now in testing: get notified when in-game alerts begin. As these change every Tuesday, we'll check for your favorite in-game activity and notify you when they begin. This has been a highly demanded feature for sometime, so we hope you'll enjoy it!

You can say something like:

Tell me when the Bounty Contract Week event starts.

The following events are currently supported:

Relics of the Gree
Rakghoul Resurgence
Bounty Contract Week

As with all other subscriptions, you can cancel by using:

Cancel my event alert for Bounty Contract Week!

NOTE: Due to the number of alert types, in order to better help the bot understand what you are asking, specify "event alert" or at least contain the words "event" and "alert" within your message.

Back-end Improvements

Today we're introducing.. well nothing but we did do some spring cleaning on the code. We're no longer lined up to be featured on Hoarders. As 2V-R8 tells us, "you should notice a point oh-oh-oh-oh-eight percent power increase".

Disabled support for boss drops

There's a bit of conflicting, and mostly unconfirmed, changes regarding bosses and the drops they have in operations for update 5.2. Until it can be confirmed, and updated in our bot's database, we've gone ahead and disabled this feature.

We wouldn't want to be pushing inaccurate information.

Losing stuff isn't cool...

We patched an issue which caused certain questions to the bot to become... misplaced... or well lost. This lead to the entire world falling apart.

Memory Leaking! :(

We believe we have fixed an issue which over time caused the performance of the overall system to degrade. This memory leak was identified in our process monitor's web monitoring service, which we don't even utilize, and we have subsequently patched the problem across all services. We have opened a line of communication with the developer to attempt to resolve future issues.

Fresh from the bakery

Fixed an issue with Advanced Class lookups not working correctly.

What's changed?

You can now ask "What's new?" to get a list of recent updates to SWTORBot.

Operations Return!

We're now able to provide operation lookup results again!

It's been a while so if you forgotten how to do it you can ask:

What is today's group finder operation?
What is today's operation?

Happy Raiding.

Advanced Class Overhaul

You can now use a lot more advanced lookup queries regarding classes. Here are a sample of new questions to ask, or updated methods

  • Can I get a pvp class guide for Sith Assassin Tank?
  • What classes have a tank role?
  • What classes have a DPS role?
  • What classes have a healer role?
  • What disciplines are available for Sniper?
  • What paths are available for Jedi Knight?
  • What paths are available for Sith Inquisitor?

In class guides you can also now specify if you want a PvP guide, if you don't say PvP or PvE, it'll assume you want a PvE guide.

Please let us know of any issues you encounter.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely SwtorBot will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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